Chambless Rock Collecting Area
Bureau of Land ManagementNeedles Field Office1303 South U.S. Hwy 95
Needles, CA 92363
This area, on the southern boundary of the Trilobite Wilderness, is a popular place to explore for hemetite and magnetite, found in reddish-brown iron deposits near mining shafts, and for green epidote, found in the washes. An abandoned quarry yields sizable chunks of limestone and marble. In adjacent canyons tiny garnets, with dark red and brown crystals, can be found. Epidote is also scattered about and much of it contains bright metallic hematite blades. Farther east in yet another canyon you will find a gray ridge of limestone embedded with many interesting fossils.
From Needles, CA, take I-40 west approx. 25 miles to the Mountain Springs Road exit. Exit south and take National Trails Highway west approx. 35 miles to BLM Route NS328 (just west of Chambless, CA). Turn right onto NS328 and drive approx. 2 miles. The rock collecting area will be on both sides of the route.