Lakeview District Office1301 South G Street
Lakeview, OR 97630
The Lakeview District offers a variety of recreation opportunities. The landscapes across the four million plus acres of public land include forested mountains and vast reaches of high elevation desert. Dispersed recreation activities associated with hunting, fishing, off highway vehicle operation, as well as wildlife viewing and sight seeing represent the preponderance of visitor activities. Gerber Reservoir and Topsy site in the Klamath Falls Field Office offer developed camping and boating facilities located most closely to an urban population. The Klamath River also offers quality white-water rafting on a stretch of National Scenic River.
Fee Description
Fees vary depending on location.
The Lakeview Interagency Office is located on Highway 395 on the south side of Lakeview, Oregon.
Stay Limit
14 days in non day-use locations.